October 2021 Prize Winner!

This poem won the Poetry Prompt Prize for October 2021. It is inspired by Annick MacAskill’s writing prompt “Re-write a fable or myth”.

Through evocative language that grips, Aarani Yogeshwaran’s “Medusa’s Revenge” gives satisfaction to all those who sympathize with the unjustly cursed woman.
— Therese Estacion, 2022 Voices/Voix Journal Editor

Medusa’s Revenge.

Aarani Yogeshwaran

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Long tentacles slide along the wooden floor.

A look of fear shows in your eyes.

Her green wide eyes, glaring at you with a sudden smile.

Sweat drips down your body.


A forbidden affair ended so terribly.

Once a beautiful woman.

How could something go so wrong?

A curse was what she deserved.

Or was it the right move?

Blood-curdling sharp teeth with an extended long tongue.

Afraid to look her in the eye.

A horrible pang of jealousy.

The aftermath of such a fair maiden.

Seduced by strong Poseidon in the Temple of Athena.

A small smirk takes over her smile.

Trying to slip away.

Please. Stop.

Snakes gather on you.

Slithering on top of you.

Gasping for air.

A forbidden relationship.

Ended so terribly.

Black. Nothing. You're gone.