November 2021 Prize Winner!

This poem won the Poetry Prompt Prize for November 2021. It is inspired by Raoul Fernandes’ writing prompt “Be Boring”.

Through her poem, Chen reminds us to pay attention to the every day taken for granted objects that surround us by creating an interior life for a seemingly banal lifeless thing—the doormat.
— Therese Estacion, 2022 Voices/Voix Journal Editor


Sunny Chen

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there stands at the door
a loyal soldier

decorated with shadows of
tired feet and stepping stones

"Welcome" he yells
in italicized font

mud piles in his hair
pebbles wedge in his smile

poked and prodded
by guarded souls

he stands at attention
never repaid

sometimes he is shaken
of all his dust laden flaws but

never high enough
to ring the doorbell.