Teachers: Welcome to Poetry In VoIce!

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In 2010, Poetry In Voice created a recitation contest for senior high school students. Since then, we've developed the best online resources for teaching poetry in grades 6 through 12. Like thousands of other teachers across Canada, you’ll find exactly what you need here to get your students fired up about reading, reciting and writing poetry.


For a riveting intro activity that takes only 10 minutes to prep, visit START HERE, where we’ve surfaced our nine most-read Canadian poems. Share one of them with your students and use our guided questions to get the conversation started (they’re called “Dive Ins”)

You can also search our bank of poetry lesson plans by grade level, skills, and subjects. You’ll find everything from a one-period intro to poetry that uses Post-its to a five-period exploration of poetry and social justice.

Let your students browse the Poems in our anthology using Poem Roulette (search by theme, mood, or poet), the Random Poem, or the Poets page. There’s truly something for everyone: our collection spans centuries and includes important contemporary Canadian voices, including Billy-Ray Belcourt, Emma Healey, and Canisia Lubrin.



Screen a few of our incredible recitation videos. Visit the Competitions section of our site to learn about how our Junior and Senior Recitation Competitions work. Then run a classroom contest and even a school contest (keep our deadlines in mind — they’re different for the Junior and Senior Competitions). A Team Regional is a great local contest option too — contact us if you’re interested.



This year, students in grades 9-12 can submit their original poetry (based on the work of other poets) to our new journal, VOICES. We’re also sending poets to over 500 classrooms in 250 schools thanks to our partnership with the Canada Council for the Arts. Submit your request for a poet visit today.


From all of us at Poetry In Voice, thank you for sharing the beauty and power of poetry with our youth.