“To hear students reciting poetry is to be electrified by hope.”

— Anne Michaels

Run a Recitation Contest

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Poetry In Voice runs two recitation competitions:

These competitions are a great way to explore poetry, either in class or as an extra-curricular activity.

If this is your first year, you might work with one student or a small, enthusiastic group as an extra-curricular activity. Our hope is that eventually, the competitions will become anticipated events in your school’s calendar.

Do your students want to compete in teams? You can check out this lesson plan and contact Poetry In Voice to see if a Team Regional event is planned in your area.


When you’re planning your classroom contest and school contest, keep these points in mind:


Review our general rules, the rules that apply to your contest (junior or senior) and this year's deadlines

Feel free to adapt our materials for your students, but in order for students to compete in the Junior Online Finals or the Online Qualifiers and National Finals, their participation will be governed by our rules and their recitations will be judged using our Scoring Rubric and our Accuracy Score Sheet.

Schedule your classroom contest:

  • anytime between September and the end of November for the Junior Competition
  • anytime between December and late winter for the Senior Competition

If you have any questions, contact us.


Depending on the level of interest at your school, you can run a contest in just one class or you can work with other educators to run the contest across several classes or grades. If there are students in grades 6 through 12 at your school, you can also run a junior competition AND a senior competition.

Drama teachers, debate coaches, librarians, and language teachers have all run the competition. See if anyone at your school is interested in working with you.


In both the Junior Competition and the Senior Competition, we offer students three competition streams: English, Bilingual, and French.

Check with the French teachers at your school to see if they would like to run the competition as well.

“To hear students reciting poetry is to be electrified by hope.”

— Anne Michaels