Semifinals Viewing Party

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Lesson Introduction: 

Watch the live stream of our English Semifinals here on April 24, 2019!

Watch the 2019 Semifinals with your students and use the lesson plan below to host an exciting viewing party!

As Canada's top reciters perform on the national stage, your students will cheer them on and choose their favourites.

Whether your students are new to recitation or are veterans of the Poetry In Voice contest, a Semifinals Viewing Party is a great way for your students to watch excellent recitations and discuss poetry and performance. 

If you decide to use Lessons 2 & 3 below, your party can be a springboard for a fresh exploration of our online anthology and our library of recitation videos.


Learning Objectives: 

In this lesson, students will have opportunities to:

  • Listen to a range of classic and contemporary poems shared aloud
  • Observe a variety of recitation styles and techniques
  • Read poems in our anthology
Materials and Resources: 


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