There is a history of world-changing activism in poetry, and the poets who continue to change the world with their voices. We believe that students using our read, recite, write model can use their passion, their knowledge, and their voices to rise up and be heard.

Reading: Discover resistance in poetry, a history of activists who changed the world, and the writers today who are continuing to change the world with their voices.

Reciting: Let your voice rise up in rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness. Find a poem that speaks truth to power and speak that truth. Be part of a movement.

Writing: Add your voice to rise up and change the world. Find a community of like-minded poets who believe in the power of art and revolution. Independent work ideas that prioritize self care:

  • Find poems in the anthology that speak to your current state of mind and write why
  • Record your recitation of a chosen poem
  • Exchange poem links with a friend. What inspires you? What inspires them? How are they complementary or different?