Poetry In Voice / Les voix de la poésie is recommending recitation contests at all levels be held online this year. Students, check out our Tips for Reciting Online page. Teachers, consult the Run an Online Contest page for tips on holding a contest, and check out our Team Regionals page for opportunities to join an online team contest near you. The Junior Contest will be held online, as it always has been. We hope to hold a live Senior Nationals in Montreal in April, 2021, A final decision will be made closer to the date, but we will definitely hold Nationals, as we did in 2020. Learn about changes to the contest format on the Senior Nationals page. There are more prizes to be won than ever before!


Find It: Explore Our Anthology

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Start by exploring our anthology, reading widely and deeply, before choosing your poem.

Our Poem Roulette feature is a fun way to find new poems and poets.

Ask yourself these questions to pick the right poem for you:

  • Which poems do I want to read again?
  • Which poems’ lines stay with me?
  • Which themes or styles am I drawn to?
  • What poets’ lives and work intrigue me?

Research poet biographies, poetic movements, and themes that interest you.

Check out poems that were recently added to the anthology and those that are 25 lines or fewer.

Use our Twitter account (our handle is @PIVLVP and the hashtag is #poemoftheweek), and our Facebook page to read new poems.


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