Team Regionals

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Every Winter and Spring, Poetry In Voice runs Team Regional events in different cities across Canada. 

To prepare for a Team Regional event, three students are chosen to represent their school (often, these are students who placed well in their school contest or even their classroom contest). Each student selects one poem to recite and the team works to make each recitation the best it can be. A school can put together a team of three reciters in English, a team of three reciters in French, or two teams (one in each language). 

Students, please refer to our Rules & Deadlines page for a complete list of our general contest rules and those that apply specifically to the Team Regionals.


Up to eight local schools can participate in a Team Regional event. Students recite individually, and the three schools with the highest combined score win prizes:

  • 1st prize: $100 for each student
  • 2nd prize: $60 for each student
  • 3rd prize: $40 for each student

Keep in mind that the Team Regionals are NOT on the path to the Junior Online Finals or to the National Finals

Poetry In Voice Team Regionals
Poetry In Voice Team Regionals