Classroom Level

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To prepare for the classroom contest, each student explores our anthology and chooses one poem, either in English or in French.

Junior Competition (grades 6-8)

Senior Competition (grades 9-12)

Each student then learns their poem, memorizes it, and makes careful decisions about how they will recite it

At the classroom contest, each student recites their poem and the teacher (or other students) judge each recitation for:

  • physical presence
  • voice and articulation
  • evidence of understanding
  • interpretation
  • overall performance, and
  • accuracy 

using our Scoring Rubric, our Evaluation Sheet, and our Accuracy Score Sheet.

The student with the highest score is named the classroom champion.

Once a classroom champion is named, one of three things can happen next:

  1. The classroom champion moves on to compete against other classroom champions in the school contest.
  2. If no other classroom champion is named at that school, then that champion can advance directly to the Junior Online Finals (for champions in grades 6-8) or to the Online Qualfiers (for champions in grades 9-12).
  3. A classroom champion might decide to not compete in the rest of the competition (but then they’d miss the chance to win prizes and who'd want to miss that?).