Poetry In Voice / Les voix de la poésie is recommending recitation contests at all levels be held online this year. Students, check out our Tips for Reciting Online page. Teachers, consult the Run an Online Contest page for tips on holding a contest, and check out our Team Regionals page for opportunities to join an online team contest near you. The Junior Contest will be held online, as it always has been. We hope to hold a live Senior Nationals in Montreal in April, 2021, A final decision will be made closer to the date, but we will definitely hold Nationals, as we did in 2020. Learn about changes to the contest format on the Senior Nationals page. There are more prizes to be won than ever before!


How to Upload Videos

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1. Sign up

Only teachers may sign up for an account with us.

If you are a teacher and you don’t have a teacher account with us yet, create one here.

2. Submit video entries


  • a computer with access to the Internet
  • each student’s name, grade, and contact email address
  • a digital copy of each student’s signed permission form
  • the titles of the poems 
  • the recitation videos
  • a YouTube account 


  1. Upload your student videos to YouTube. Each poem must be a separate video. Title the video the title of the poem only. Set privacy to “Unlisted.” Copy the links of the videos.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click “Submit entries now”, also located in the top menu.
  4. Choose a prize stream.
  5. Complete all required fields.
  6. Upload the student’s signed permission form.
  7. Fill in poem titles, in order of recitation. 
  8. Click “Upload” next to the first poem title. Paste the YouTube URL link for the correct video into the text box. Click “Submit.” Click “Watch” to not only ensure the video plays properly, but also that the title and the poem recited match.
  9. Repeat step 7 for the second poem.

If your school is competing in more than one prize stream, repeat steps 1-8 for each competitor.



  • To ensure your video will be properly processed, please follow YouTube’s recommended guidelines. Video upload times will depend on the speed of your internet connection and the size of your video files. You may consider compressing your videos prior to upload.
  • After uploading, please note that YouTube may take some time to process your video.
  • Once upload is complete, click "Watch" to ensure that the video plays back correctly and is associated with the correct poem title.



  • When a senior student in the English Stream or the French Stream advances to the National Finals, they wil be asked to memorize and recite a third poem. One of their poems must have 25 lines or fewer. recite the same poems in the same order.
  • A student may only compete in one stream in a given year.