How to Film a Recitation

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Watch a teacher and student film a recitation.


Filming Requirements

  • Each recitation requires its own separate video.
  • Each video should be filmed in one single shot and from one static angle.
  • For each recitation video, the student should be:
    • standing and facing the camera, head to mid-torso (medium shot)
    • in front of a plain background
    • sure that no school insignia or visual representations of any kind are visible
    • the only visible and audible person in the video
  • The sound and picture must be clear.
  • Videos cannot be edited.
  • Do not add music, graphics, titles, or computer animation.
  • Videos that do not respect our requirements will be disqualified.

Recitation Requirements

  • Students must begin by stating the title of the poem and the poet’s name only.
  • A student’s own editorial comments before or after the poem are not allowed.
  • Poems must be recited from memory.
  • A student competing in the English or French Stream must recite two poems. A student competing in the Bilingual Stream must also recite two poems: one in English and one in French.
  • Avoid character accents.


  • Start recording a few seconds before the recitation and stop recording a few seconds after the end.
  • Students may look directly into the camera, at a fixed spot, or at an imagined audience.
  • Use a tripod or secure the camera on a shelf.
  • Use a microphone, if possible. If the microphone is on the camera, position the camera close to the student.
  • Watch the video after you film it. Be sure to check the accuracy of the recitation. If you’re not happy with the video, film it again.
  • Use the poem title to name the video when you save it.