Online Contests

This section is for our Online Junior Contest and Online Senior Qualifiers. If you are a student competing online in a classroom or school contest, visit our video tips page, and if you are a teacher organizing an online classroom or school contest visit our “How to run an online contest” page along with our Rules & Deadlines.


By competing in our online recitation contests, students can become National Recitation Champions and win cash prizes!

Once a student is declared their school's champion in a given stream (or they are the only student who wants to compete for that year), they are eligible to enter either the Junior Online Finals or the Senior Online Qualifiers, depending on their grade:

  • The Junior Online Finals for students in grades 6-8
  • The Online Qualifiers for students in grades 9-12

Each school can only have one English Stream champion, one Bilingual Stream champion, and one French Stream champion competing in the Junior Online Finals, and only one champion per stream competing in our Online Qualifiers. 


Here's how to participate in one of our online contests:

  1. Each school champion memorizes and practises their recitations of 2 POEMS (not 3, as in previous years):
    • English Stream school champion: 2 English poems
    • Bilingual Stream school champion: 1 English poem + 1 French poem
    • French Stream school champion: 2 French poems
  2. A parent/guardian signs a permission form (students who are 18 or older sign the appropriate form themselves).
  3. The student and teacher film each recitation separately according to our specifications.
  4. A teacher or student uploads the videos to their own YouTube account, titling the videos the poem’s title ONLY (do not include personal or school names), and setting privacy to Unlisted.
  5. A teacher logs in to their Poetry In Voice account and uploads the permission form and recitation videos by the contest deadline. (For further instructions, check out our How to Upload Videos page.)
  6. Judges from across the country evaluate the recitations.
  7. The student and submitting teacher are notified by email about the results: 
  • In the Junior Online Finals, the 3 top-scoring students in each stream win:
    • 1st place: $300 for the student, $200 for the purchase of poetry books for their school library
    • 2nd place: $200 for the student, $200 for the purchase of poetry books for their school library
    • 3rd place: $100 for the student, $200 for the purchase of poetry books for their school library
  • From the results of the Senior Online Qualifiers, the 9 top-scoring students are invited with a teacher to participate in the  National Finals, with travel and accommodation provided by Poetry In Voice. See more details on our National Finals page.
    • Students in the English Stream and in the French Stream who are invited to compete at the National Finals will be asked to learn a third poem. One of their three poems must have 25 lines or fewer

A student can contact Poetry In Voice for general feedback about their recitations in our contests (we will not send feedback if it is requested by a teacher). Because Winter and Spring are very busy times for us, please allow several weeks for a response.