The Daily Poet

Sign up for The Daily Poet and get an exclusive writing exercise from a different Poetry In Voice anthology poet emailed to your inbox every day. You’ll also be able to read micro-interviews that will provide a whole other layer of insight into the poems in our anthology. Set aside about half an hour a day to read the daily poet’s poem, interview, and writing exercise and to work on your own poem.

Some of the exercises are simple and others invite you to think through multiple steps — don’t worry about writing a perfect poem, just focus on enjoying the experiment. If you’re like most poets, you’ll write some stuff that you’ll want to tear into thousands of pieces and bury deep in the ground. But if you stick with the process, you’ll also write some poems that will genuinely surprise you.

And for the deepest experience, follow my I Woke Up Today writing workshop guide, and wake up a little more every day.

—Damian Rogers