The Road Ahead: Poems at the Crossroads

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A Poetry Mixtape Edited by Neil Surkan

The Poems

If I am judged

If I am punished

If I am dismissed

If I am misunderstood

If I am celebrated

If I am envied

If I am competed with


I was ready for a new experience.

All the old ones had burned out.




I triage the landscape. The prairies

are numb today and so am I.

I am too thin. Built

like I won't explode on hot

afternoons, a mirror

to the sky. My...

My fist holds as many coins

as I can carry. All are stamped with the Queen's effigy;

Elizabeth, D.G. Regina, the resident of pockets,

a woman I've never met though I...

for M. Maylor


Dear Anne Carson:

My friend read me the poem where your mom

said that the dead walk backwards.

You thought this myth arose...

To be a good

ex/current friend for R. To be one last


inspired way to get back at R. To be relationship

advice for L. To be advice


for my...

11 am. Time to wake up.


Muscles sore, jaw clenched, warm light


scattering dreams of violence across


the bedroom. I've chosen a self...

In every which way, I am living

for potential. I’ve mined cadmium

enough to roulette with Death

and Mars, bloodshot brute,

is swollen in my honour.


Whereas my eyes land on the shoreline of “the arrival of Europeans in North America

opened a new chapter in the history of Native Peoples.” Because in others, I hate the act


The Playlist

We are currently adding to the Mixtape playlists, so check back soon and often! Send us your recitation of one the poems in this Mixtape, and we may add it to the Playlist!

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