My Body, My House: Disability Poetics

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A Poetry Mixtape Edited by Ashley-Elizabet...

The Poems

        bedtime ritual     summon a stranger     tonight you

linger on my laptop screen

                                          in the apartment hallway a door slams like a...


                    Itwatches                   alwayswatches

It walks behind me in the park and proceeds


   When the doctors burrowed into my body, they unearthed a slew of tumours. Growths speckled across lungs and kidneys. (Later, they would find the duo nestled into my cortex.) A Starry...

           Spruce, inadequate, and alien

            I stood at the side of the road

            It was the only life I had.


I'd like to close the distance between us:

where you end, where I begin,


but your skin stops me,

I can't find my way in.


If I could, I'd...

Let me be a ''poet of cripples" not

a patient etherized upon a table,

not a brain floating within a body.

In a moment I must be a body

in the place...

I like the lady horses best,

how they make it all look easy,

like running 40 miles per hour

is as fun as taking a nap, or grass.

I like their lady horse...

Dad reads aloud. I follow his finger across the page.

Sometimes his finger moves past words, tracing white space.

He makes the Moon say something new every night


The Fatigue is just fatigue. It

sprays my body like

a numbing agent. Say the

way I sleep might not be

working, say the way I eat

might not be working...

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