My Body, My House: Disability Poetics

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A Poetry Mixtape Edited by Ashley-Elizabet...

The Poems

The Fatigue is just fatigue. It

sprays my body like

a numbing agent. Say the

way I sleep might not be

working, say the way I eat

might not be working...


                    Itwatches                   alwayswatches

It walks behind me in the park and proceeds


   When the doctors burrowed into my body, they unearthed a slew of tumours. Growths speckled across lungs and kidneys. (Later, they would find the duo nestled into my cortex.) A Starry...

I like the lady horses best,

how they make it all look easy,

like running 40 miles per hour

is as fun as taking a nap, or grass.

I like their lady horse...

Dad reads aloud. I follow his finger across the page.

Sometimes his finger moves past words, tracing white space.

He makes the Moon say something new every night


           Spruce, inadequate, and alien

            I stood at the side of the road

            It was the only life I had.


I'd like to close the distance between us:

where you end, where I begin,


but your skin stops me,

I can't find my way in.


If I could, I'd...

        bedtime ritual     summon a stranger     tonight you

linger on my laptop screen

                                          in the apartment hallway a door slams like a...

Let me be a ''poet of cripples" not

a patient etherized upon a table,

not a brain floating within a body.

In a moment I must be a body

in the place...

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