Mediate/Agitate Mini-Anthlogy

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Our Meditate/Agitate mini-anthology is a selection of poetry made to inspire your students around the themes of meditation and activism.

Self care is a radical act in a world that values production over people. Reading, reciting, and writing are ways to reconnect authentically to oneself and to challenge the status quo.

There is a history of world-changing activism in poetry, and the poets who continue to change the world with their voices. We believe that students using our read, recite, write model can use their passion, their knowledge, and their voices to rise up and be heard.


Self-care is a revolutionary act and revolution is an act of care for ourselves and others. In these poems you’ll see the confluence of both concepts. What does self-care mean for you? What does social change look like for you?

Meditate Agitate Mini-Anthology
Meditate Agitate Mini-Anthology