I Have Something to Tell You

I’ve come to talk to you about shaving cuts

I was waiting across the road

right over there

for the light to turn

and you were on the other side

fumbling with change at the newspaper box

don’t buy this one buy this one

I said

pointing to identical newspapers

look here

I cut myself shaving

and both my hands are cameras

do you think that’s why I can’t hold a razor

my feet too are cameras

and my belly

made round by beer

that’s a camera too

a big camera

each of my eyes

they’re cameras

they work good in the dark

and my mouth

well it’s not a camera

but when it opens

out comes my tongue

an actual camera

some people have cameras mounted on each shoulder

but each of my shoulders

is a camera

or each are a camera

grammar not being my strong suit

and speaking of suits

look what I done to this one this morning

I was shaving

dad said shave before you get dressed

right after you shower

while your face is soft

but always the rebel

I showered got dressed then shaved

and look what I’ve done to my suit

of course it’s hard holding razors

no matter how soft your face is

when your hands are cameras

have I told you about my hands

Stuart Ross, “I Have Something to Tell You” from Hey, Crumbling Balcony!: Poems New & Selected. Copyright © 2003 by Stuart Ross. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.

Source: Hey, Crumbling Balcony!: Poems New & Selected (ECW Press, 2003)