Homage to the Mineral of the Onion (I)

Erin Mouré

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In the onion, there’s

something of fire. That fire known as

Fog. The onion is the way

fog has of entering the earth.


Into the soil. Through the green leaves of the onion.


Look how its leaves extend up into the air.

Look how, once cut,

an onion’s leaf has air inside it.


Air is the generosity of fog.

With fog, there is generosity on earth.

These two thoughts are identical.


They are two thoughts that sustain the earth.

In these bellicose days that promise wars,

look how the onion helps fog

to sustain the earth.

Erin Mouré, “Homage to the Mineral of the Onion (1)”, from Little Theatres. Copyright © 2005 Erin Mouré. Reprinted by permission of House of Anansi Press.

Source: Little Theatres (House of Anansi Press, 2005).