dont worry yr hair

bill bissett

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             dont worry yr eyes

         dont worry yr brain man th snow is

    cummin th bright burds flyin highr, th

sun is already all ovr yu,


              all th words all th mony all th unnecessary

         changes, a tree grows inside yu, let it and th bird

     red with blue circles, a white arrow on its side, sings

within yr breast, near yr spine, let its wings

    spread, yr arms


          each day probably sumhow yul get th watr


                                                                            grow out to sum

          piece a land away from th bad business, th amerikan


    ward, into th earth yu cum from, have none of

th bargain with th tanks,th war heads


                       each day th pebble is more stone,

     ium dreaming now of th place that will

soon have me, find me


                                        moving into th dark,it

       is like going into a soft jewel. and being ther what at

first yu cud see nothing totally dark, only

       th feel of yr feet on th ground guides yu,


being ther, light apears here and ther,flashing,


yr head especially around th back breathes unfolds

opens like a flowr all around yu,


                                                to th light

bill bissett, “dont worry yr hair” from Nobody Owns Th Earth. Copyright © 1971 by bill bissett. Printed by permission of the author.

Source: The New Oxford Book of Canadian Verse in English (Oxford University Press, 1983).