The ABG (Able-Bodied Gaze)

Therese Estacion

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                    Itwatches                   alwayswatches

It walks behind me in the park and proceeds

to walk slowly to get a good look It

follows&follows&follows           &watches&watches

&watches               I turn around      and

         Itlooksaway                        I begin to walk as

quickly as I can          gaining some speed but

Itfindsme I stop Itstops I walk slowly again

Itwalksslowlybehindmeagain              Finally I

turn around to say: HELLO but

Itpretends I'm inconsequential that I am

being paranoid It was just minding its own

business all along

                   Why am I bothering It?

           My mistake




                        Itlooks up at the sun feeling absolved

Ityawns                                  It's bored of me already

Therese Estacion, "The ABG (Able-Bodied Gaze)" from Phantompains. © 2021 by Therese Estacion. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.

Source: Phantompains (Book*hug Press, 2021)