Want to recite with your friends?

Form a team and compete at our Team Regionals!

Team Regionals

At the Team Regionals, you and two of your friends from school each choose a different poem (they either must all be in English or all in French), work together to make your recitations the best they can be, and then compete against teams from other schools. The top three teams win cash prizes.

Keep in mind that the Team Regionals have nothing to do with the National Finals. If a student wants the chance to compete for $5,000 and the title of National Champion, they’ll need to recite individually in the Classroom & School Contests and the Online Semifinals.



Team Regional events are organized based on interest in a given area. Teachers, if you want your school to compete (these events typically happen in the first week of April, which is Poetry Month), let us know.

If there isn’t an event planned in your area, a teacher can still run a classroom or school-wide team contest.


Last year’s events were a huge success. A big thanks to our host teachers, and all students and teachers who participated or attended! 


Bilingual Team Regionals, hosted by Mary Kate Jackson at Trafalgar School for Girls in Montreal


English Team Regionals, hosted by Enid Wray at Etobicoke School for the Arts in Etobicoke


English Team Regionals, hosted by Michael Choi at Prince of Wales Secondary School in Vancouver