Publicity Tips

Publicity tips

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Here are some simple ways to increase awareness of Poetry In Voice, as well as to share your students' achievements with the community at large. 

In your school

  • Post a “save the date” notice on the school calendar and on bulletin boards throughout the school.
  • Send a notice announcing classroom champions to the school website/newsletter/TV show.
  • Publicize the school-wide competition on the school website and in the school newspaper.
  • Write an article about the school-wide contest for your school newsletter.
  • Announce classroom winners and the school-wide competition in the daily PA broadcast or at assemblies.

Please send us photos and the appropriate release forms, which can be downloaded here.

In your community

  • Invite your local newspaper to the school-wide competition. 
  • After the event, send the local newspaper a follow-up press release highlighting the contest, along with a photo of your “poetry champions.”

Our sample press releases can be adapted to your needs.