Calendar of Availability

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About Your Google Calendar

Each Poet In Class will have a personal calendar of availability on their profile page. The calendar will enable teachers to see the times that you’re available for a school visit. Please do not add any personal events or school visits to this calendar.

When a school visit is confirmed, just delete that “Available” time block from your calendar.

Poetry In Voice will track all of your school visits using a separate calendar system. Our system will also automatically send you email reminders both a week and a day prior to a visit.

Please keep your calendar of availability up to date — this will save an enormous amount of time when scheduling your school visits.

The following instructions will help you get started. If you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact David,

Accessing Your Calendar

Once you have filled out all the fields in your poet account, Poetry In Voice will create a calendar in your name. You will then receive an email from Google sharing that calendar with you.

Click on the “View your calendar” link in that email. You will be prompted by Google to select the account you would like to use with your calendar. Whichever account you choose, remember that you’ll need to use that account to access your calendar in the future.

Updating Your Availability in Your Calendar

By default, your availability is set to “Always available.” This means there’s an event labelled “Available,” lasting from 7am to 5pm, on every weekday of your calendar from September 3, 2019 to March 30, 2020 (our deadline for school visits).

To show your true availability, you’ll need to modify your calendar.

When you’re only available for part of a day 

  • Click on the “Available” event for that day.
  • Click on the “Edit event” pencil.
  • Change the start and end time of your window of availability. Indicate the frequency of this availability (select “Weekly on Monday until 30 March 2020” if that availability is the same every Monday, or select “Doesn’t repeat” if that availability is unique to that Monday).
  • If you’ve indicated that this availability repeats, when you click Save, a pop-up window will appear. Select “All events” and click OK.


When you have a school visit booked or another new commitment, be sure to remove that “Available” time block from your calendar.


When you have no availability on a given day

  • Click on the “Available” event for that day.
  • Click on the “Delete event” trash can.
  • In the pop up window that appears, if you want to delete your availability for that one day, click “This event” and OK. If you want to get rid of your availability across all Tuesdays (for example), click “All events” and OK.

When you need to add availability where you had previously removed it (your schedule changes and you’re suddenly free to do school visits on Mondays, for example)

  • To create a new “Available” event on your calendar, click on the desired day/time.
  • A pop-up window will appear. Click on “MORE OPTIONS.”
  • Name the event: Available
  • Choose the start and end times. If you’re indicating a recurring availability, choose “Custom ....” and end the availability On March 30, 2019, then click “Done.”
  • Delete all notifications by clicking on the “X.”
  • Be sure to mark the availability as “Free” and “Public” so it’s visible to teachers.
  • Click the “Save” button at the top.

Reviewing Your Calendar

The calendar should now only show the times you’re available to do a school visit.