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The Tone List

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abashed abrasive abusive accepting
acerbic acquiescent admiring adoring
affectionate aghast allusive amused
angry anxious apologetic apprehensive
approving arch ardent argumentative
audacious awe-struck bantering begrudging
bemused benevolent biting bitter
blithe boastful bored bristling
brusque calm candid caressing
caustic cavalier childish child-like
clipped cold complimentary condescending
contemptuous conversational coy critical
curt cutting cynical defamatory denunciatory
despairing detached devil-may-care didactic
disbelieving discouraged disdainful disparaging
disrespectful distracted doubtful dramatic
dreamy dry ecstatic entranced
enthusiastic eulogistic exhilarated exultant
facetious fanciful fearful flippant
fond forceful frightened ghoulish
giddy gleeful glum grim
guarded guilty happy harsh
haughty heavy-hearted hollow horrified
humourous hypercritical indifferent indulgent
ironic irreverent joking joyful
languorous languid laudatory light-hearted
lingering loving marveling melancholy
mistrustful mocking mysterious naïve
neutral nostalgic objective peaceful
pessimistic pitiful playful poignant
pragmatic proud provocative questioning
rallying reflective reminiscing reproachful
resigned respectful restrained reticent
reverent rueful sad sarcastic
sardonic satirical satisfied seductive
self-critical self-dramatizing self-justfying self-mocking
self-pitying self-satisfied sentimental serious
severe sharp shocked silly
sly smug solemn somber
stentorian stern straightforward strident
stunned subdued swaggering sweet
sympathetic taunting tense thoughtful
threatening tired touchy trenchant
uncertain understated upset urgent
vexed vibrant wary whimsical
withering wry zealous